Busso 70.3 & Port Mac, May 2016

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Congratulations to all the TriBikers who did Busso 70.3.  With a truck load of bikes from Sydney, TriBikeTransfer was happy to help out with Gordo and the Performance Plus squad who took on the iconic course.  Great to see we could help making the event easier, by taking the hassle out of the bike transfer.  With Busselton being a 3 hour drive south of Perth it is difficult to get there without a hire car and by having the bikes delivered the guys could share cars for the drive.  Thanks again Gordo and crew and hope the training for the New York marathon is going well.

The same weekend TriBikeTransfer did the Port Macquarie IM and 70.3 from Sydney and Melbourne.  A great turnout at the event and we are always in awe of those doing any of these events.  Well done everyone especially in trying conditions with rain and wind.  We enjoyed watching from the sidelines although will bring some more rain gear next time.