Where/when do I drop off my bike for Tri Bike Transfer to my event?

TriBikeTransfer has arrangements with a number of conveniently located bike shops where you can drop your bike off.  The partner bikes shops are listed under the partners page.  Simply select the partner bike shop during the booking process.  The partner bike shop will be advised to expect your bike and you must show a valid ID with the same name as on the booking when dropping the bike off.

If you select to have your bike picked up from your office or home for the extra fee, then we will contact you about timings for this.  Please note that a small number of partner bike shops ask that you do a service if you use them.  These shops are indicated on the products page drop down menu.  Always ensure you check the partner bike shop opening and closing times so you don’t miss them and note that the timings may change slightly between events.  We advise final drop off timings around 3-4 weeks before the event.

Are bikes insured while in your possession? What is covered by the loss/damage coverage?

Our service includes LOSS/DAMAGE coverage up to $2500 per bike. This covers any damage that may occur during the normal process of storing, loading, transporting and delivering bikes from pickup to the race destination and back again. The coverage is limited to the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item, part or component to a maximum of $2500. It does NOT include reimbursement for loss or expenses incurred as a result of a delayed delivery.

How does the cost compare to taking it on the Plane?

When comparing the cost of a bike transfer to taking it on the plane many people forget all those little things.  See below for a conservative cost comparison.

Airline Transport TriBikeTransfer
Disassembly/Reassembly $160 to $240 $0
Bike case $80 rental or $400 to $700 for purchase $0
Airline Fee (return) $70 to $150 $0
Upgrade Car Rental $20/day $0
Stress Heaps None
Total $370 + $200

Note fees vary depending on the location and airline.

  • Disassembly/Reassembly of bike – either have the time and know how yourself, or pay a mechanic to do it for you (approximately $40-60 each of four times)
  • Purchase ($400-$700) or rental ($80) of the bike case, plus the hassle of lugging it through the airport along with all the other gear. With your own bike case you will still need to consider the cost of the wear and tear and having to buy a new one at some stage. Yes you can get a used cardboard box from the bike shop but while it might work you can’t be serious.
  • Standard airline extra baggage and weight fees can vary greatly in Australia depending on your choice of airline. The cheapest is approximately $35 each way but can easily exceed $75 or $100.  Plus the stress of wondering if your bike will arrive with you as airlines only have limited space for non-standard luggage.
  • Upgrade the rental to take the bike, get a rental by yourself as you can’t share with friends anymore or have the hassle of waiting for the bigger taxis.
  • Make time to re-assemble before the race.
  • All the stress and expense, when you really need to focus on the race which you have trained hard for more than 3 months.
  • Repeat the disassembly/reassembly process again after the race when you actually deserve to relax and enjoy the achievement.
  • The tribiketransfer cost used for comparison is for members of partner clubs to do Sunny Coast, Noosa and Melbourne from Sydney, etc.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the unusual circumstances that you need to cancel your reservation, you must contact TriBikeTransfer direct and discuss the reasons. It is up to the discretion of TriBikeTransfer.  For cancellations 30 days prior to the event it is likely that you will be able to obtain a refund of your shipping fee, less a $25 processing fee, or the option of rolling over your reservation to a later event that is within 12 months. This allows you to transfer your reservation to any future event that we service, with no additional cost or expiration.

Why do you show events that say “Register your interest” but don’t have a full booking process?

There are always events that TriBikeTransfer would love to transport bikes to but need a minimum number of bikes from each city before we are able to do this.  If you are interested in having your bike transferred for one of these events, please let us know as there are lots of people out there who have similar thoughts to yours and with a minimum of 5 bikes we are able to service the event.  We will let you know 4 weeks before the event, so that in the unlikely event we don’t get the minimum numbers, you will still have time to plan your arrival at the event.

What about events that are sold out, can I go on a wait list?

Yes, TriBikeTransfer always has a wait list for sold out events so there is a good chance that you will be able to book a transfer in the future.  Just contact us, let us know the event and that  you would like to go on the wait list, and we will let you know 4 weeks before the event.  If you advise us of your wish to go on the waitlist closer than 4 weeks to the event we will let you know 2 weeks before the event.

How are the bikes packed and loaded?

Each bike is loaded as is inside the transport vehicles with all the components, pedals, etc attached.  Only the front wheel is taken off and this is placed inside a wheel bag or for some of the longer distance events such as Sydney to Perth or international both wheels and the seat are removed.  Nothing on the bike is removed (other than the front wheel, or both wheels and seat) to ensure the way you left the bike is the way you get the bike back again.  The bike is racked inside the vehicle vertically in a modular extruded rubber coated aluminium transport frame and held securely by the front forks and straps to each bikes own individual holding posts, or packed inside out custom made transport boxes for those longer distance events.  The bikes are never disassembled or modified and never leave our or our transporters possession.

Do I need to disassemble my bike or pack it in a case?

No. Your bike is transported fully assembled. Remember to remove your bike computer, bottles and other small items that might go missing as these are best taken with you for peace of mind. The modular extruded rubber coated aluminium transport frame is designed to ensure any fragile items such as carbon fiber hydration systems, etc will be able to stay on the bikes.  Please note that you will need to take off disc wheels and have these packed into your own separate wheel bag and booked separately.  Due to the fragile nature of disc wheels, bikes can only be transported with spoked wheels.

Can I arrange for a Pre-Race Bike Service as part of the transfer process?

Yes.  TriBikeTransfer has made arrangements for special pre-race servicing to take place prior to shipment should you elect to have this service.  This is for an extra fee that is payable directly to the partner bike shop.  Having competed ourselves in many events, we would in fact recommend this to ensure your equipment is in as good a shape as possible.  All you need to do is tick the appropriate box in the options section during the ordering process and we will advise the partner shop to expect your call.  You should as soon as possible contact the partner bike shop and confirm the time and date for your service so it fits in with the shops schedule and the pickup timings

What type of bikes do you transport?

As this stage our modular transport system is only set up for road bikes and TT types bikes.  If you have a mountain bike unfortunately we are unable to fit the bike into the frame system.  Depending on the load we maybe able to arrange a special location within the trucks for your mountain bike so please contact us for more details before booking.

When will my bike be returned after my race?

It will take approximately the same number of days for your bike to be returned as it did to get the event. During your bike return at the event, we will confirm with you the timings of when your bike will be ready at the partner bike shop for you to retrieve.  If you want specific details before you depart then please contact us for more details.

We ask that you pick your bike up within 2-3 days of it being dropped off.  Without prior notice if the bike is at the bike shop for more than 5 days then the bike shop will charge for storage costs.

What if the event I am interested in is not shown?

Simply contact us and we can put it up as an event that we are interested in going to.