At TriBikeTransfer we are understated in our achievements, but rely totally on word of mouth and happy customers so have just started this page.  We don’t go out of our way to track down testimonials but if you would like to add to the love please contact us or Dave at Email: or on 0404 404 029.


Forget the frustrations of piecing your bike together in some hotel room – there is enough going on just before race day, and i don’t think i would have had the time anyway – for me the bike has always been a real headache but this time i just turned up and rolled away to transition – it was worth it, there was no hanging around, and I’d do it again.

Cairns 2016


TriBikeTransfer takes all stress out of bike transport. No dealing with airlines, rough handling of bikes and having to put it back together. Dave always seems to be just where you need him when you need him. Great service.

Cairns 2016


For the second year running I used TriBike Transfer to get my bike from Sydney to Ironman Cairns. Seeing many other athletes taking their bikes through the airports I was delighted not to have that additional worry, knowing that my Trek was being delivered safely by road.

Cairns 2016


Dave and his team are always so helpful and a welcoming face before and after the race! Bikes are always looked after and I would recommend TriBike Transfer to anyone looking to make their triathlon experience stress-free (provided there’s always room for my bike!) Thanks Dave and team.

Di, Noosa Tri 2015


I’ve transported my Bike previously, it didn’t Make my flight, the airline had no idea, my box eventually turned up damaged, all stressful when you all you want is to keep your cool. This year stress free!

Noosa Tri 2015


Dave is absolutely awesome and is one of the most customer focused people that I have ever dealt with. Would definitely have no hesitation recommending him!

Noosa Tri 2015


Outstanding service taking the drama out of logistics. So easy dropping the bike virtually straight after we had finished the tri. Well done chaps…

Noosa Tri 2015


I found out about tribiketransfer through the bike shop my triathlon squad had recommended. I’d watched friends in previous years stress out to find a bike box, haul it through the airport and hotel, and then work out how to assemble their bikes the night before the big race, hoping they’d done it properly. When I heard that a transfer service would offer home pickup and drop-off at the transition I was sold. Dave was flexible, friendly and responsive which was great as I was busy preparing for my first long course. With all the logistics the day before the race, this was one thing I didn’t have to worry about. At first glace, I found the cost to be a bit high, but in hindsight the convenience and ease was well worth it and I would be happy to recommend his service to others and will definitely use him in the future. Great service and value! Thanks Dave!

Tarra, Cairns IM 2015


I tried TriBikeTransfer for my first Ironman (Cairns 2015) after seeing a flier on the counter of my local bike shop.  As someone who has never taken their bike onto a flight before I was more than a little concerned about the process and whether my bike would arrive in one piece.  Having someone else take it to the race for me seemed too good to be true.  I contacted Dave at TriBikeTransfer and he sent me all the relevant details.  It was a simple process to drop my bike off locally (where the guys at the bike shop knew both me and Dave) a few days before I flew up to Cairns.  Dave kept me informed, via Facebook, as he and my bike (and all the others) travelled by road up to Cairns.  I was informed by sms once my bike had arrived safely and it was a simple process to meet Dave near transition in plenty of time for check-in.  Had I chosen I could have picked the bike up the day prior to take it for a spin.  The return process was just as simple.  I had an extra week on holiday and it was no problem for the bike shop to hold onto my bike until I returned to Sydney.  I thoroughly recommend TriBikeTransfer to anyone flying interstate to a race.  I have already made a return booking for the 2016 race.


Max, Cairns IM 2015


Airline Hassles.  The Airline charged me $150 to transport my bike, despite them telling me on the phone, also on an email to me & also on their website saying that there would be no charge for my bike which was under the set weight & size…….. I spoke to their supervisor who didn’t care & was adamant to charge me, so I had no choice but to pay it. Luckily on the way back they didn’t charge me. The worst thing is trying to communicate with the airline, they don’t have an email, they send me an email which I can’t reply back to. I have to log a complaint on their website every time I communicate back, which means re-entering all my details, flight details, my story, their response & then my response to their response, then hope they will sort it.

Danny, Airline Travel 2015


Dave provides a fantastic service at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend his services for an easy, convenient and stress free way of transporting your bike to and from your next interstate race. He is enthusiastic, passionate about his triathlon, easy to contact and always available for any queries you might have. The best bit is that you do not have to worry about packing your bike, airport procedures, extra costs and potential damage to your bike while flying!

Liam, Melbourne IM 2015


Completely stress free way to get your bike to and from racing… Easy to drop off at your bike shop and avoids having to setup your bike again the other end. Dave provides an awesome service and I highly recommend it!

Steve, Melbourne IM 2015


Living in Sydney. Competing Cairns Ironman. I could have flown my bike or used Dave’s Bike transfer. I paid my pennies and made my choices.  Gee I was glad I used Dave!
My bike was collected following my final taper ride from Sydney. It was delivered in Cairns a couple of days before the race. In one piece. Set up just as the bike fitter had specified. No hassle. No assembling of the bike the night before. No remembering all your tools. No bike boxes. No risks.
As this was early day’s in Dave’s transporting business, I remember another racer had received cosmetic damage to their wheel. Without hesitation or request Dave replaced the wheel new for old.
If you’re a bike mechanic, or poor, then flying your bike is probably sensible. If you care, are focused on racing and you want to be able to rely on your kit, then Dave’s bike transfer is the only real option.

Jon, Cairns IM 2014