TriBikeTransfer transports your bike fully assembled. We take away all the hassle of having to worry about taking it on the plane and the transport issues that come with that.

We simply pickup your bike from locations around Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne, generally on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday prior to the weekend of the event, depending on how far your city is from the event.

Remember to remove your bike computer, bottles and other small items that might go missing, as these are best taken with you for peace of mind.  You can also receive a special pre-race bike service prior to pickup which TriBikeTransfer has arranged to make the race that much smoother.  Let us know if you require this when booking your bike.

There are options to include a small bag, track pump or disc wheel.  Note the words small bag (please no duffle bags) just enough for you to include your bike helmet, bike shoes, gas canisters, etc.  Please no loose items or plastic shopping bags.

Due to the fragile nature of disc wheels, we ask that if you want a disc wheel to be transferred with your bike, your bike is taken to the partner bike shop with a standard rear wheel and the disc wheel in a separate bike bag.

Your bike and or bag, pump and disc wheel will receive unique tags for identification, based on your order information.

There is also the option for us to pick up direct from your office or home and deliver to your accommodation at the event.  Again let us know in the options when placing your order.

Nothing else to do.

Concentrate on getting ready for race day, and making the most out of all the hard work to date and pick up your bike near registration on race day.

Hassle Free!

Pre-Race Bike Service

TriBikeTransfer has made special arrangements with each bike shop to have your bike receive a pre-race bike service for a small extra fee should you require this.  It includes gear and brake adjustment, as well as a re-lube of all the necessary parts to make your race that much smoother.

Simply indicate when booking your bike in that you require this and we will arrange with the bike shop for this to be slotted in between when you drop your bike off and we pick up the bike.  You will need to separately contact the bike shop to confirm drop off times and service requirements.  Make sure you check with the bike shop when they need your bike to ensure they have it ready for the transfer.  You can pay directly to the bike shop for this at the time of drop off.  If you require a more extensive service then you can also discuss this with the bike shop.

Bike Transport

If you don’t need a bike service, the bike should be at the bike shop before the times indicated on our pre-event information email which is sent 2-3 weeks before an event.  You will need to show valid ID that matches the name on the booking when dropping your bike off.  If you need your bike to be dropped off by a friend, please let us know so we can advise the bike shop.

Your bike will be racked or boxed securely for transportation to the event.  At all times the bikes are secured and while the bike is with us it is insured to give you that extra bit of comfort.

Each bike is loaded as is with all the components, pedals, etc attached.  The front wheel is removed, tagged and placed into a wheel bag for safe transport and for some of the further away events such as Sydney to Perth or International the front and back wheel and the seat are removed.  At all times we ensure the way you left the bike is the way you get the bike back again.  The bike is racked inside the vehicle in a modular extruded rubber coated aluminium transport frame or within our custom made transport cases and held securely.  The bikes are never disassembled or modified and never leave our or our transporters possession.

At the event you only need to pick up your bike from near the registration area. As each race is different you will be advised of the actual pickup location about 2 weeks prior to the event, along with the timings and any final details.

Upon presentation of a valid ID that matches the name on the booking you can reclaim your bike and/or bag, pump and disc wheel.

The Return Journey

It’s just as easy as the outward journey. Simply drop off your bike and bag after your race.  Your bike and/or bag and pump will again be tagged and transported securely back to the pick-up location.

You can pick up your bike and/or bag and pump at the pick-up location by presenting valid ID that matches the name on the booking.  If you need to have a friend pick up the bike for you then please let us know.

The bikes arrive back at the partner bike shops generally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the week following the event depending on how far your city is from the event. The bikes will need to be picked up within 2 days of arriving at the bike shop unless you have had a service when there is some scope to have the bike at the partner bike shop for a little longer.  Let us know if this doesn’t suit as there are other options.